Magic Lash Starter Kit

Magic Lash Starter Kit

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  • Made in the UK & Cruelty Free

Tired of applying false lashes with glue and ending up in a sticky mess? We are changing the false lash world with an easier way to apply false lashes. 

Magic Lash is our new glueless strip lashes. Experience gorgeous, longer, and thicker lashes without ruining your natural lashes with our easy-to-apply lash kit.

Quick, easy, and much healthier for your lashes.

Eyeliner works with any strip lashes

Gently wash with warm soapy water and store on the plastic to help lashes keep their shape

Magic Lash Kit includes:

1x Pair of Lashes

1x Black Adhesive Eyeliner

Fine and flexible tip
Matte finish
Quick dry
Average 6-12 month supply

1. Shake the eyeliner well.

2. Apply along the lashline creating your desired look.

3. Once the eyeliner is dry, your strip lashes will snap right on.

 TOP TIP: For all day wear, apply 3 coats of eyeliner allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. 

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