We provide the all natural look that goes above and beyond satisfaction for every individual. 

As Fab Brows is available on a global scale, we strive to maintain the identity of each and every one of our customers. Our powder palettes match every color, shape, definition and tone. 

With consistent care and nurturing, it is our mission to connect with our customers emotionally as giving them specialized cosmetics helps them glow with confidence and come out of their shell to become the person they want to be.

The Founders

When dealing with the public face-to-face from childhood, performing live demonstrations and working with the widest range of cosmetic products from the 90s to present day, you learn and understand exactly what it is that people want. We wanted to provide a simple solution for the every day person, to feel fabulous, comfortable and confident within themselves minus all the complexity. 

Having built a foundation of relationships with the industries leading manufacturers, in 2014 Fab Brows was released in the United States. Producing the world's first all in one eyebrow makeover compact, and combining the highest quality ingredients and raw materials with the simplest procedure. Fab Brows can now reach professionals, make up artists and your every day consumer all in one go.

Consistently growing with popularity year-by-year, thriving off 5 star reviews and phenomenal feedback, the expansion of our product range and fab family has been nothing but organic as we continue to create cosmetics that everybody can use. With extensive research and ongoing development we will forever provide the worlds best eyebrow and facial cosmetics. 

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