How To Use The Fab Beauty Makeup Brushes

How to Use:

Below is our guide for how we would use the Fab Beauty Makeup Brushes. Remember, makeup is about creativity and our makeup brushes have been designed to be multi-purpose. We encourage you to find different uses for your brushes to ensure applying makeup is fun, comfortable and easy!


Powder Brush

Designed for effortless application of powders to set makeup. Equipped with feathery soft, round-bound bristles, the brush offers an even and smooth application of all powder products. 


Blush/Contour Brush

Designed for an easy application of contour and blushes. The expertly angled shape perfectly fits the contours of the cheeks, ensuring a flawless result and a sculpted look.


Angled Blending Brush

A multi-purpose blending brush. The curved, graduated tip and tapered bristles achieve a seamless blend; perfect for blending eye shadow and buffing the skin with both cream and powder products.


Precision Highlighter Brush

This pointed brush is used for multi-purpose concealing, highlighting and sculpting.


Large Eyeshadow Brush

This brush can be used for applying eyeshadow or for blending concealer onto the skin.


Small Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is particularly suitable for applying eyeshadow to the lower eyelid. The short bristles make it easy to apply color there.


Angled Eyeshadow Brush

The angled beveled edges make this brush great for applying shadow or highlighters to the brow bone or shadows softly to the lid.


Small Blending Brush

This small and tapered brush is perfect for light, controlled blending and for concentrated color in the crease and corners of the eye.


Flat Definer Brush

Designed with a flat top and thin, firm bristles, this brush provides full-color intensity for smooth and even consistency. Use with powder, liquid or cream products for a flawless lined eye.


Lip Brush

This short, small, tapered brush captures color perfectly for precise, efficient application of all lip formulas.


Eyeliner Brush

This brush has a fine tip, designed for precise application of liner when using gel or liquid liners.


Duo Brow Brush

The brush has a professional grade angled brow brush for shaping and defining eyebrows complete with a spoolie to blend your brow product.


How to Clean:

Using a gentle soap or makeup brush shampoo, swirl the brush into the palm of your hand. Rise and repeat until the water runs clear. Once clean, squeeze out excess water and leave to air dry.