Which color should I choose?

Our mineral powders works with your skin tone, hair color and brow color to create the perfect shade for you. We recommend light brown/medium brown for blondes, dark brown/chocolate brown for brunettes and slate/black for black or silver hair. The brown colors will pull warmth into your brows and the slate/black will give you a cool toned brow. Feel free to send us a picture of yourself via email for our recommendation. Remember to take a look at our before and after pictures too!

The stencil is too long for my face what can I do?

Our stencils are designed to be long to ensure all brow lengths fit however, it is not expected for everybody to use the whole length. Only apply powder where your natural brow starts and finishes. 

Which stencil shall I use?

Judge the stencil by the arch of your brow not the thickness. If you have a high arch use the exotic stencil. The pure stencil is in-between, whilst the slender stencil has a soft arch. This is great for people will little to no arch and is also the thinest stencil.

What if my brows are thicker than the stencil?

Double up the stencil! Line the top of the shape with the top of your brow and fill it in. Move the stencil to the bottom of your brow so the bottom of the brow is aligned with the bottom of the stencil and fill in the bottom. 

Why do my brows look so harsh?

Our powders are highly pigmented which means a little goes a long way. You only need to tap the brush into the powder using the fluffy side to pick up enough powder for a natural looking brow. Remember to blow off any excess powder. If you feel your brow is too harsh, you can soften it using a spoolie brush (mascara wand) for a more natural look.

How do I use each end of the brush?

Use the fluffy side to apply the powder with the stencil. This side will only pick up a small amount of product to ensure you get a natural, soft look. The angled side of the brush will pick up more product and will give you a harsher look. This is useful when filling in the front of your brow.

Does Fab Brows adhere to the skin?

It sure does. When applying Fab Brows, brush against the hairs starting from the tail of your brow. This will apply the product underneath the hairs and onto the skin. Remember to brush the hairs back in the correct direction to finish. 

Will the powder stay on all day?

Yes! When applied correctly, the powder will stay put all day. Ensure you start with a clean base which is free from moisturizer and oils and always start at the end of your brow and brush backwards to allow the powder to adhere to the skin.

How do I remove Fab Brows?

The powder can be easily removed with soapy water or makeup remover.

Is the powder waterproof?

Our powder is water resistant so as long as you don't vigorously rub your eyebrows you will be good to go all day!

Where is Fab Brows made?

Our powders are lovingly made in the UK and shipped from California, US.

Where is my order?

Orders are shipped via USPS and a tracking number will be sent to the email address you provided us with. Sometimes USPS updates their tracking system before the package has been delivered. Wait a few days to see if the package turns up before getting in contact. We advise contacting USPS with your tracking number to check your package has not been left with a neighbor, at a front desk or in a safe place.