eyebrow stencils, brow stencils, stencil
eyebrow stencils, brow stencils, stencil

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Create instant definition and symmetrical brows with ease with the Fab Brows Eyebrow Stencils.

Eyebrow stencils are the perfect tool to help you shape your eyebrows to create a balanced brow. Brow Stencils are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and are applied to the eyebrows to help create a symmetrical look. They can also be used to fill in sparse areas of the eyebrows. We have created six stencil shapes specifically designed to suit every brow shape and size. 

Our reusable plastic eyebrow stencil set includes six different stencil shapes in a thinner form than our original brow stencils to ensure you get the perfect look. Shop the complete eyebrow stencil kit here.

When choosing an eyebrow stencil to match your face shape, we recommend lining up the arch of each stencil to the arch of your brow. The stencil that incorporates most of your brow hair will be the best one for you. Remember, you do not need to use the whole stencil if it is too long. Just fill in where your natural brow starts and ends to create a natural look. Check out our tips for using brow stencils here

    Slender, Slender/Straight, Pure, Pure/Straight, Exotic, Exotic/Straight

    Wipe clean
    6 Pack

    1. Line the arch of the stencil with the arch of your brow.

    2. Hold in place using either your thumb and index finger or your index and middle finger. Place one finger on either side of the stencil and hold taut. 

    3. Apply our Fab Brows powder in a back and forth motion.

    4. Flip the stencil and repeat on the other side. 

    TOP TIP: You do not need to use the entire length of the stencil. Only apply powder where your natural brow starts and finishes. If your brow is thicker than the stencils, double up by filling in the top of your brow first, followed by the bottom.

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