The Ultimate All-In-One Brow Makeover!

Make sure every day is a good brow day with our brand new Fab Brows Duo Eyebrow Kit!

Lovingly made in the UK, this semi-permanent organic brow kit quickly transforms thin, short and pale eyebrows, giving them more shape, definition and colour with just a few strokes of powder.

Each kit includes 2 shades of eyebrow powder- great for adding darker and lighter tones where it suits you- for perfectly defined personalised brows. The kit also includes a professional applicator brush, all beautifully presented in a unique gold mirrored compact case.

Simply choose from 6 stencil shapes to match the look desired, hold over the eyebrow and apply the powder using the applicator brush. With the specialist powder being smudge proof, sweat proof and water resistant, the Fab Brows Duo Brow is the ultimate tool for achieving perfectly shaped and coloured eyebrows with long-lasting results in just seconds!

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