How to Shape Your Eyebrows According to Your Face Shape

Eyebrows are renowned for being one of the essential features of the face because they allow us to communicate without speaking. When shaped correctly, eyebrows will open up your eyes, correct minor flaws, and frame the face. 

Eyebrow shapes and sizes have changed dramatically. From the pencil-thin brow shape seen in the 90s to the big, bushy brow introduced by Cara Delevingne in the late 2000s. Nowadays, we look to no other than TikTok for our beauty trends, tips, and tricks. In lockdown in 2020 and 2021, we saw a massive rise in the number of viral brow tutorials and hacks that focused on ease and speed when it comes to brows. There is no doubt that eyebrow trends will continue to change in years to come, and new products such as brow gel, brow powders, brow soap, etc., will continue to be released to meet the global consumer demand. However, there is no denying that the 'in' brow shape doesn't always suit everyone. 

So how do you shape your brows to give you the most natural look? Let's break down how you choose the right shape to help frame your face, open your eyes, and give you that desirable arch! And don't worry, if you fell victim to the over-plucked 90's brow and are still struggling 20 years later, we can help!


Eyebrow Shapes for a Round Face

Round faces are symmetrical in shape. They are as wide as they are long, with a rounded jawline and forehead. Because of this, people with round faces tend to opt for a brow with some definition and angles. A high arch in your brow will give your face more structure and dimension. Lifting the brow arch gives you the illusion of a longer, slimmer face. 


Eyebrow Shapes for an Oval Face

Oval face shapes are similar to round faces but more elongated. They are rounded at the chin and jaw but longer in the lower half. Like with haircuts, many brow shapes look good on this face type as it is symmetrical and well-balanced! If you like the chiseled cheekbone look, a high arch will emphasize this. On the other hand, a soft curve will soften the jawline. We recommend experimenting with our 6 Pack of Stencil Shapes to find a shape that best suits your look. 



Eyebrow Shapes for a Square Face

Square face shapes have minimal curves and a killer jawline! Like round faces, they are as long as they are wide but have more prominent features. If you love the bold, angled look, go for a brow with a high arch to match. If you want to balance out your angles, try a softer brow arch to compliment your angles. Shy away from flat-shaped brows as this will give the illusion of a shorter face. 


Eyebrow Shapes for a Heart Face

Heart face shapes are widest at the forehead and have an angled jawline. They are similar to round face shapes but feature more angular areas, so we recommend opting for a soft, rounded arch to soften the other angles. Creating a soft arch will continue the feminine look of a heart-shaped face. 


Eyebrow Shapes for a Diamond Face

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and small chin, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. Much like the heart-shaped face, we recommend sticking to a soft, round arch to give the illusion of a rounder face. This brow shape will also help make your face's widest part narrower. 


Eyebrow Shapes for a Long Face

A long face covers rectangular and oblong shapes. This face shape is longer than wide and features a defined jawline. We like to think of it as a hybrid of the square and oval face shapes. Try to opt for a full brow with a soft arch, as a high arch will give the illusion of a longer face. 


Fab Brows Brow Tips

Whatever your face shape, there is always a brow shape to compliment it. Brow stencils are a fool-proof way to create symmetrical brows without spending hours shaping freehand. Test out our stencil shapes to see which one best suits your face and brow shape. They are available in 6 different forms, and trust us when we say - there's a shape for every brow! Once you've picked your stencil, apply your brow powderand tweeze away any stray hairs. Doing this will solve the over-plucking nightmare, something we have all done at some point! 


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Making it the perfect kit to create the ultimate brow! 


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