How to Master The Art Of Face Contouring

There are several reasons why contouring has become a popular technique among makeup enthusiasts. Contouring may enhance any makeup look by giving dimension and depth to your bone structure and facial features. You can use contouring to define your cheekbones, shape your jawline, or highlight your particular face shape. Although it may appear like a difficult makeup process to accomplish, with the appropriate products and a few handy tips, it isn't quite as difficult as it may seem.

Today you will learn which contour palette you should go for, which products to use and how to tailor contour to your face shape.


What Is Contouring?

Contouring is a makeup technique used to shape the face. Additionally, this is a fantastic method for subtly "correcting" any characteristics or narrow regions of the face. You can even use contouring to accentuate certain regions to give them a more prominent appearance.

The answer to the question of who should go for contouring? Well, anyone can! Contouring is a great way to emphasize, define, or even minimize your facial characteristics regardless of the shape of your face. You just need the right products, and you are good to go.


What Should You Use For Contouring?

There are mainly two types of contour products available: contour powder and cream contour. So, which one should be in your contour palette? Let's find out.


Cream Contour

As the name implies, this contour product has a creamy texture, making it easy to blend in. You can use cream contour if you're seeking a product that blends easily and needs to use quickly. It doesn't produce a dramatic appearance but is still helpful for everyday use. Simply said, contour stick is cream foundation in tubes. It can be used to highlight and accentuate the face's natural characteristics.


Powder Contour

Most people use contour powder kits to give their faces a more defined shape. Using a powder contour kit will give your face a more dramatic appearance because it chisels your face. If you are looking for such a product, you can opt for Fab Trio Powder Contour Kit; it has greater staying power than cream-based ones. Additionally, cream contour provides a matte look and is excellent for people with oily skin.


Tips and tricks

At first, contouring could seem a little difficult, but as you practice, you'll ultimately get the feel of it. Here are some contouring tips and tricks.

  • Finding the ideal contour location for your face involves some trial and error. Examine your face in the mirror and under various lighting conditions. Pay attention to where the light naturally shines and where the shadows naturally fall. You can use this to determine where to put your products. 
  • You can draw a straight line on a piece of cardboard to shape your nose. Beginning at the inner corner of your brow bone, you can draw two lines that go down the sides of your nose, making a U-shaped form at the tip of your nose.
  • If you choose to apply concealer, make sure it is lighter than your skin tone or shimmering eyeshadow, highlighter, or illuminator.


Summing up, one last piece of tip that we want to give you is to have fun. With practice, you will master this art. So, don't be afraid to experiment with textures, blending tools, etc. It's time to take out your contour palette, contour powder or cream contour and let the magic begin.

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